What Happens When You Pull The Trigger ?

Over the years I started collecting multiple art influences and interests, an obsession of texts, images, songs, exhibits or anything related to my interior conversations and adventures.
I always had this need and addictive compulsions of surrounding myself of so many things but also just that desire of discovering more and more.
Therefore I have constantly questioned subjects such as memory, home, identity, beauty but also dreams and how our subconscious works on us and can influence our works.
In my book you find dialogs between images and texts but also analyses and points of view about particular aspirations that helped me develop my own creative identity and echo in ways with my own projects. I tryied to work in a way that my reader would engage through my book as he would follow a road movie.

The book is devided in 3 main chapters, The first part evolves around my childhood in san francisco and children's books, the second chapter is around myths and escape, the idea of an elsewhere through multiple context. the last part of my thesis focuses on the idea of collections as works of art, vernacular photography. Finally, the conclusion is an interview/dialog with TR Ercisson, american based artist which in a way resums my book throughout a discussion.

Do you know where dreams come from ? Acetylcholine neurotransmitters fire high voltage impulses into forebrain. These impulses become pictures,these pictures become dream. But no one knows why we choose these particular pictures.

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