I grew up the first years of my life in San Francisco before moving to Europe. It hadn't been clear that we would never return there.
All my projects have been linked in a way to that time and place including memory, identity and the idea of an elsewhere. Therefore I returned to my eldorado working on an epistolary video mixing different temporalities that connect together like a myth.
I wanted to confront myself to how can you talk about things that aren't really here but live and grow in faraway layers of the mind or the ground. I wanted to return to a place that influenced all my aspirations and creative process but that I have only known in the very early years of my childhood.
After staying in San Francisco where it begins both scientifically and personally, I engaged a journey along the San Andreas fault moving down south towards the mexican border, recolecting ancient memories but also capturing places that will one day break appart from the rest of the country and disappear into the Pacific Ocean when what they call 'The Big One' will occur.
In the video I talk to someone in the future who would have found this, as a time-capsule and California would have maybe already vanished.
The trip around the fault zones soon becomes a metaphor to a more personnal story.
Things belonging to my past have disappeared mentally  and these places along my road will in the future disappear physically.
As I travel I try to connect the dots of tangible perceptions between past, present and future.

This project is my diploma, it marks the conclusion of my studies at Ecal.

It earned the "excellence" mention by a prestigious and international jury. 
It also earned an award for "best photography" at the video art festival of  Los ANgeles, the "Honorable mention" for .the los angeles underground film festival and is competing for Miami's independent international film festival.

Fault zone has now been seen and supported by over 300.000 viewers

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