Pink Cells

This is an on going project that I have started to work on in Switzerland. 

During one of my classes at Ecal for which the subject was “destruction,” I started investigating enclosure and incarceration, and links in those themes between America where I grew up and Switzerland where I live now. In my research I found an article about pink prison cell rooms which exist in these two countries among others.
Alexander G. Schauss was a believer in a German theory in which the color one would choose could help understand the inner mental state of someone. He then wanted to reverse that effect to learn whether choosing shades of colors would make people feel a certain way. In the late 70's in America, Schauss discovered the tranquilizing and aggression reducing effect of a certain shade of pink, to which he later referred as "Baker-Miller Pink" or "Drunk Tank Pink".
Since 2007 the Swiss color psychologist Daniela Späth developed "Cool Down Pink" in Switzerland. In a scientific study she was able to demonstrate the suppression of blood pressure and the anti-corrosive effect of the color. If applied appropriately, hostile or aggressive behavior can be calmed down by the colour within about 15 minutes.

I wish to pursue this documentary work in Switzerland but also in the United States, staying focused on the creative ways correctional facilities have used this color and not the other extreme which has started using the color to humiliate prisoners with pink objects, pink prisoner clothes and other things in some places in the USA.
What is the secret of this shade of pink ? How can we explain that violent prisoners are calmed down by this dollhouse surrounding ?

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